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by levicitus
Mon Jan 02, 2012 12:55 pm
Forum: Power Boats
Topic: gf 16 buiild biaxial cloth question
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gf 16 buiild biaxial cloth question

I need to order supplies for my gf16 build (first time builder). My problem is, I don't know how much cloth I need. The bom from the study plans call for 14 yds. The bom on my ordered plans call for 8 yds and the epoxy kit for the gf16 bom is 20 yds. The only measurement for width that I see, is on ...
by levicitus
Sun Jan 01, 2012 8:17 pm
Forum: Questions before purchasing the plans and announcements..
Topic: bias fabric quantity gf16
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bias fabric quantity gf16

I bought the plans a year ago and am ready to pop for the materials and get in the water this spring. I have two different amounts for bias cloth listed. The bom from pg 5of 5 on my plans ask for 8 yds of 60" 45/45 but the bom from the online plans require 14. What up?