FS14LS+10% Scupper Design

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FS14LS+10% Scupper Design

Post by VT_Jeff » Fri Oct 16, 2020 3:37 pm

My fs14ls will have a sealed bilge and a sole from bow to transom, scuppers through each frame and scuppers though the transom.

The sole aft of the last frame will be thinner ply(4mm vs 9mm) and thus a little lower than the cockpit sole to help keep incidental water from back-flowing into the cockpit. Likewise, I'll raise the sole ahead of the cockpit to prevent water from moving forward.

Planning on using some stick-on flappers on the transom to reduce back-flow.

Planning on drilling out two 2" holes in each frame and transom with a holesaw and then cutting the drilled plug in half and replacing it in the bottom half of the hole to create a semi-circle scupper, frowning.

I'm at the point of installing the aft-most frame and want to drill/fill these scuppers before I set the frame, and so want to sanity check the whole scupper idea before proceeding. I'll drill the transom just before installing the aft sole.

Any thoughts welcome.



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Re: FS14LS+10% Scupper Design

Post by OneWayTraffic » Sat Oct 17, 2020 6:19 pm

I'd glue in some fibreglass tubes (tape over a pool noodle) and use layflat hose or wetsuit material scuppers. Rib style. The flappers kind of work, but you will be getting backflow.

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