V10 weight

Boats up to 15' for oars, power or sail. Please include the boat type in your question.
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V10 weight

Post by agiannelia » Wed Mar 19, 2003 9:15 am

Hi Zack,<BR><BR>This is addressed to Jacques as well as you.<BR><BR>I just weighed my boat last night after installing my final fillets for my transom knees and I will give this to you in metric.<BR><BR>Design Weight V10 Rowing Version: 40Kgs<BR>Additional Weight Sailing Version: ??????<BR>Alex´s V10: 44.5 kgs<BR><BR>I already mentioned my sources of increase. How much the standard foredeck and mast step should weigh more than the bow seat, I don´t know, but no more than 1-2 kgs. So I figure I am about 3 kgs (6.6lbs) overweight.<BR><BR>So I can see if you strictly followed Jacques´ instructions and used Okoume, you could acheive the design weights.<BR><BR>I chose metric, because it is easier for me to remember say 137 cms than 4´5 15/16" when taking off dimensions and I live in a semi metric country and the next boat I plan to build is a larger non North American design.<BR><BR>I will send more pics your way and can only highly recommend the design, this site, Jacques´ support and the great input from all other V10/12 builders out there!<BR><BR>Alex <IMG SRC="images/forum/icons/icon_biggrin.gif">


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