fs14 lower stringer with sole

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fs14 lower stringer with sole

Post by finalfront » Sat Sep 28, 2019 10:47 am

Hi Jeff or Jacques:
Question about FS14 lowering stringers, sole in 3 pieces, and drainage

1. I'm putting in sole, thus lowering stringers gives me a slight bit more legroom. So, I've read that lowering stringers to 3" is ok - my inclination is to lower to 3" between aft and mid seats for sure, but then from mid seat to bow section it can only be reduced to 3" for about a foot, then taper takes over, unless I taper it more to keep it level? Should/Can I taper it more? (I'd leave stringers at normal height within mid & rear seat sections). Or must I leave stringer 3" up to existing taper in front section and just have slightly unlevel sole there? (I am also planning a remote steering situation (console) on starboard side at bow section, so any extra legroom is great.)

2. Sole design I am planning would have foam in outer sections (stringers to chine) and then I'd place permanent sealed sole over those sections. Then, for center section (between stringers) from Bow section to stern/transom, I was thinking a removable sole (perhaps even grated/slatted piece between stringers) that would not have foam under it, just open to hull bottom. In this center section, I would allow free drainage to stern with cutouts at center bottom of each seat section through to stern cavity, with bilge pump there. Assume I don't need piping with this plan? would this open drain work? structurally sound?

3. If as planned above, would I get good drainage to bilge - particularly while sitting on mooring? Could/should I put lower plug to drain while moving?

thanks, wes (finalfront user build thread)

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Re: fs14 lower stringer with sole

Post by jacquesmm » Mon Sep 30, 2019 3:54 pm

A boat design is a whole package in which all parts are related.
You change one part and it creates a chain reaction of little problems.

The FS14 was designed without a sole. This result in a deeper cockpit, low center of gravity, safer than with a sole.
As designed, the boat is not self bailing: it's a small boat. She can be made unsinkable with foam in some compartments but not self bailing.
If the builder add a sole on top of the stringers, she will become self bailing at rest but the VCG rises and she is not as stable anymore. Not a big difference but different.
Your reasoning to lower the sole by cutting the stringers down is OK but she will not be self bailing anymore and a conflict with the stringers appear as you found out.
I choose to design her as a simple boat with not sole leaving the sole feature for larger boats like the FS17.
Jacques Mertens - Designer

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