1979 19 ft Sea Ox rebuild

Questions about boat repairs with our resins and fiberglass: hull patches, transoms and stringers, foam, rot etc.
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Re: 1979 19 ft Sea Ox rebuild

Post by MSRiver » Wed Sep 16, 2020 10:08 am

Your dealing with some of the same problems i dealt with. If you can tell how much glass you took off say 1 layer id put at least one layer of 1708 back. If you have several of those bad spots go ahead and grind out till you find good glass then build up with 1708 patches overlapping then sand flat. Now here's a key note i found out, if you just lay epoxy down and put 1708 down itll look fine when you wet it out but as it cures small air bubbles will pop up. Just something about that old glass and how they laid it up and just had pin holes. So a remedy to fix that is make sure you cover every square inch with a ketchup thicken epoxy let that get sticky then lay down epoxy which will help wet out 1708. You can look at my thread of how i did it. Its the 1982 dolphin thread.

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