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Post by gonandkarl » Sun Jul 16, 2017 8:17 am

Thanks Richard,
When I look at all your speedy progress in boat building I also want to jump up and put mine also into fast forward. But it does not work with me. As sanding the bottom I cannot do for hours on end I deviate to other little chores which need to be done before flipping the boat and then launching it. I shortened my building frame by cutting off the T frame and the 2 pieces towards frame D because I will support the boat only on Frame A and D and the keel shoe in the future. And before I sand the sides again I am constructing 2 detachable dinghy wheels to be mounted against the transom. The bow will be supported by a steerable short 50 cm axle also detachable and I hope to use it for launching when it is not possible from the trailer sort of an RIB launch. It will be something special to push a sail boat into the water and scramble over the transom ladder onto the boat take them wheels off and store them in the cabin hoist the sail hang the rudderand off I go with a slight breeze.
I want to mount the dinghy wheels in the boat shed on the upside down transom to get the sides higher for sanding than they are now on the support boxes. What one does not think out not to bend the old worn out back and body too much.
As soon I have my wheels concoction so far that it is worth while taking a picture I will post it. I also hope it will help me to move the boat easily on and off the trailer on land so that there is some more use of it than the RIB style launch.
Greetings from Karl

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Post by Fuzz » Sun Jul 16, 2017 6:21 pm

Karl I think all of us try to find easier ways to do things as we get older :wink: But you are making progress and your work looks really good. Keep after it and you will be sailing soon :D

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Post by Aripeka Angler » Sun Jul 16, 2017 8:17 pm

Karl, your post about the bateau hat got me to thinking that I needed to post something on your page.
You really are doing a great job and boat building is not a race but is a form of art.
I will always have great memories of meeting you and enjoying a boat ride aboard Red Alert with you and David in Florida.
Build on my friend :D
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