My New Sharpie 14 Project

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My New Sharpie 14 Project

Post by kraythe » Sat Jan 24, 2015 12:51 am


My sailing experience is not encyclopedic but I have had some fun with a couple of lessons and some fun time out on the water. However, I would rather build a boat than buy one for several thousand due to both budget and the fact that I really enjoy making things. So I decided to come here and get some plans. After looking at all of the boats I settled on the Sharpie. The reason I chose the Sharpie is because I was looking for a boat that I could sail, row, fish from and take my two small ones in with relative safety. I have ordered the plans and according to the company they are on their way.

In preparation i have been viewing videos and reading voraciously on stitch and glue technique. I have also purchased a new Rigid Random orbit sander and I have been scoping out materials suppliers for glass and marine grade plywood. I am eager for the plans to arrive and start on the project.

I do have a couple of questions, though, that I would like to put to the forum to draw upon your superior knowledge. If they are newbie questions please pardon me in advance. :)

1) One thing I didn't like about the sharpie is the spirit rig. I have sailed a couple of boats with spirit rigs before and found that dealing with them when the wind kicks up is a pain. Reefing them is quite tough. And also when sailing on the off side, the spar interferes with the sail. I Just have never been a fan. However I don't think I would put a Marconi rig on a boat of this size because the mast would have to be taller and the boat just doesn't have enough ballast and I am not looking for a racing boat with trapezes. So what I was considering is rigging it with a Gaff rig. I have sailed with those before and although they are more complicated than Marconi, I like their look better and I feel safer with the shorter sails. And if you want to have fun you can play with topsail rigs with the gaff. So do you think it would be feasible, advisable to re-rig this boat with a gaff rig ?

2) I was wondering if anyone had experience with this boat to use as a fishing rowing/sailing family boat and can think of any additions that would be good to make to the boat and opinions on stability with children inside and other pearls of wisdom.

When I get my plans I will be updating the thread. More to come and thanks in advance!

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Re: My New Sharpie 14 Project

Post by terrulian » Sat Jan 24, 2015 5:57 pm

Put this in the "plans and building" section. Jacques often reads this section and the rig is a question for him. I think you are wise to be concerned about the ease of reefing.

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Re: My New Sharpie 14 Project

Post by ChapLen » Sun May 01, 2016 9:43 pm

So I'm wondering how you're coming along with your Sharpie. I purchased plans for this boat back in 1998, and have never gotten around to building it for one reason or another. But I've always had the same thought about the sprit rig. I like the gaff as an alternative as well. So give us an update! I'm starting to get the fever again, and maybe I'll get mine on the water sometime in the next year or so!

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