Building a GV10...soon...

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Building a GV10...soon...

Post by warmwaterbarrels » Fri Mar 17, 2017 12:50 am

Hi all, maybe I should call this the slowest starting build thread ever, but due to my circumstances I thought I would start a build thread now anyway just in case anyone was bored...

So, to anyone who doesn't yet know, I am building this GV10 to be the new tender on my 34ft cruising yacht "Eos II". I am in Fiji as have I been for the last 10 months and plan to undertake this build (my first) on the island of Falaga in the southern Lau group of Fiji. This will be a challenge as there is no electricity, (except solar enough to run a few lights and TVs about 2 kilometres from where I will build her), no shops that sell anything more than sugar, flour, rice etc. unless I sail for 2 days each way back to Suva, plus this will be my first build! I have used all of the materials before and believe I have thought through at least 85% of what I will need to do!

Anyway, all I have really done so far is bought the plans, a few cheap paint brushes, researched where I can get marine ply from, although I did have a big win yesterday when I found a distributor here where I can get epoxy for half the previous price I found, as well as epoxy primer and topcoat and microfibres to make glue (don't see wood flour around here so far). The micro fibres were a good price at $45 Fijian for a kilo (way more than I will need) and everything else was comparable to back home in Australia, so a great result really. (If anyone has reason not to use "Resene" products, please let me know now!)

It will most likely be another 3 or 4 months until I actually make the first cut, but by then I will be out of internet range and will need to put a few pics and story of how the build went when I get back in range, but I have enjoyed reading the stories of others' builds so thought "why not start now? maybe the thought of building on a small island will appeal to some..."

Cheers, Slade

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