Fast Launch 26 questions for Jacques

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Fast Launch 26 questions for Jacques

Post by Jeff » Wed Sep 16, 2020 7:52 am

This question arrived overnight last evening via email: Hello,I have 3 questions about this design: what exactly is “good weather” for this boat? What exactly is “bad weather” for this boat (according to my readings in the forum this boat is not capable of bad weather”? Can this design be stretched?
This is the boat For me , I would like to cruise in the waters around Miami,the keys and if weather permit go to Bimini for a couple of days. Thanks a lot for your time. Miami Fl
“The program of the Fast Launch 26 was an easy to build, economical, classic looking, semi-displacement commuter style boat. Easy to build with her flat bottom, classic looks with the Sparkman-Stephens Escort look, offshore capable in "good weather" thanks to her size, generous flare, good sized skeg and inboard diesel. Her hull lines are well balanced and she will perform well in a wide range of speeds from economical displacement speed (7mph) to semi-planing at 18 mph with the 50 HP engine option. Moderate stern volume and fine entry combined with a good size skeg will keep her on track in (bad weather). The fine well immersed bow will reduce pounding and the generous flare in the topsides not only looks good but add reserve buoyancy. Draft is a moderate 22″ with a well protected propeller. Shaft and prop will not suffer from occasional grounding.” Jeff

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Re: Fast Launch 26 questions for Jacques

Post by jacquesmm » Wed Sep 16, 2020 8:39 am

If the FL26 was my boat, I would go anywhere you describe in complete confidence except for the crossing to Bimini.
I would cross to Bimini only in very good weather with a forecast that would allow me to come back in the same good weather.
Good weather will be wind below 15 kn and seas 2' or less with a long period like 8 seconds.
It is the flat botttom that limits the capability of the boat: she will slam in waves with a short period. A secondary limitations is the volume of the very large cockpit but the slamming will warn the skipper well before the waves become a problem.
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Re: Fast Launch 26 questions for Jacques

Post by Browndog » Wed Sep 16, 2020 11:20 am

The Fast Launch 26 is an attractive boat.

Depending on your priorities a few other boats that might be considered that also possess some style are the Panga 25 with cabin, the Lobster Boat 26 and the Trawler 28.

Good luck with your project.

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Re: Fast Launch 26 questions for Jacques

Post by OneWayTraffic » Sat Sep 26, 2020 2:21 pm

Since I am neither a designer or an owner of that boat I will only speak to the large cockpit: You can build side lockers/seats or buy/build buoyancy bags to reduce the size of any cockpit. I built a pair of bags from material I bought from a DIY packraft guy in Canada for my little D5. I strap mine on the outside so I can stand up while fishing with more confidence, and with the boys on board. They have about 100L each (about 3.5 cubic feet). I plan to have them on board my C17 with tiedown points inside the cockpit, though they would only come out in bad weather. Worth considering for peace of mind.

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