kevlar on LM18 bottom?

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Re: kevlar on LM18 bottom?

Post by grundasaurus » Tue Apr 02, 2019 6:30 pm

It's really more of a peace of mind sort of thing. But there's tons of log booms that go through the area by tug, so deadheads are a fairly common sight/concern boating. Nice to know there's a little more impact resistance.

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Re: kevlar on LM18 bottom?

Post by TomW1 » Wed Apr 03, 2019 5:39 pm

I boat regularly on the Mississippi River and loggerheads are a constant danger. You just need to slow down and avoid them. Even with an OD18 and a 70HP motor I never leave our dock at much over 1200 rpm's. If the river is in flood even less. Every year we go out there we have 16-24 inch floaters to clear off our property on the river. The carbon fiber epoxy mix if very hard and does a good job of preventing most damage.

Carbon cloth would be my next choice it provides strength and penetration prevention. It is easier to apply. Kevlar would be my last choice. It is hard to apply and tends to float on the epoxy and needs vacuum bagging . It provides no strength but it does provide penetration support if applied in enough layers.

I am really not sure why you are so worried about the bottom of your boat. You are not running over oyster bars or rock bars. Loggerheads will just lift you out of the water. There are already 6 or more layers of fiberglass at the bow and bottom stem.

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