P19 Scupper Location

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P19 Scupper Location

Post by grundasaurus » Sun May 12, 2019 2:07 pm

Hey all,

We're making some serious progress on the boat now, and we're starting to think about scupper placement. Anyone know approximately where the waterline will end up on one of these, and where is the best place to position the scuppers? thought the stern or out the sides? The plan is to go for round ball type valves connected by hose to the cockpit. The boat will be spending a ton of time on a mooring, so rainwater draining is really important.

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Re: P19 Scupper Location

Post by TomW1 » Sun May 12, 2019 7:10 pm

For a P19 the best way is to drain the deck is out the transom. Don't use roundball transom cleaners, if a leaf or any thing else gets in there they are clogged. Everyone who have had them wish they had not used them. Here are some scuppers for the transom from Hamilton Marine that will keep water from coming back into the boat. https://shop.hamiltonmarine.com/inet/st ... 5D=scupper You will build a tube or some kind of structure from the deck to the transom. In a boat this size you want the water going out the back as small 1" plugs on the side will never clear the water on the side.

I have an OD18 that I bought from an other builder that has side 1" drains and in rough water in drains like a bitch. So don't do it. In storage I have to go out and clean it out every day.

Good luck on your build.

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Re: P19 Scupper Location

Post by Matt Gent » Mon May 13, 2019 3:55 pm

The hoses and/or plastic fittings that were in my DE25 from the original builder failed and let in many hundreds of gallons of water.

I replaced with solid fiberglass tubes, glassed in at each end. Let some tube stick out in case I want to add an elephant trunk.

Maybe would have been better with SS fittings, and quality hose double-clamped. But I wouldn't take that chance on a mooring.

Mine are out the back, one on each side about 6" in from the edge of the cockpit. I like a little trough in front where the mildew can concentrate, with the tube sunk a little below floor level. But the DE25 rides kinda high when empty, exits are ~3" above waterline. I don't know where that is on P19.

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