2013 Texas Builder's Meet August 23-25 @ POC

Bateau Builders organize and plan their meetings and get-togethers. This is grass roots at its finest, not sanctioned by E-Boat, Inc
Uncle D
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Re: 2013 Texas Builder's Meet August 23-25 @ POC

Post by Uncle D » Mon Aug 26, 2013 10:00 am

Got to hook-up with MD and Dougster on Sat. for the day. Little fishin', food and workin' out the world's problems... :lol:

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Re: 2013 Texas Builder's Meet August 23-25 @ POC

Post by Dougster » Mon Aug 26, 2013 10:17 am

Thanks Larry, it has been a tough year to organize things, but the meet came off and UncleD joined us. Bless him for getting up at dark-thirty and driving 2 hrs. Sat morning to join MadDog and I for a little flats action. Since Nina isn't ready I rented a kayak single with a mirage drive (they were out of tandems and Shirley was quite happy to spend her day birding instead). MadDog brought his kayak too so we piled both yaks in his boat, bought a quart of shrimp, and headed out of the nearest cut in the intercoastal into what is known as Barroom Bay.

This trip was a bit of a reprise of last year's trip, with the three muskateers (aka MadDog, UncleD, and Dougster) out in mass striking fear into the hearts of area fish. I will say that something of a pattern is developing with these trips in that I seem to have some kind of adventure each time. Two years ago, with DavidTX I caught a pretty dang big trout, close to my biggest ever. Last year I slipped and fell in MadDogs boat, opening up a gash in my finger that bleed all over his boat until his daughter, Princess Leah, staunched the mighty wound with tape. This year brought more action.

We anchored and UncleD pulled on some waders and moved out South. MadDog got in his kayak and headed North. I spent an inordinate amount of time rigging two rods, tying stuff on my kayak, and trying to find my wallet with the license in it. Finally, all secured, I headed South, paddling, no peddling (mirage drive) around UncleD who was pulling in a little rat red. On my second cast I hooked a similar red who rudely jumped up and spit the hook at me near the boat. I took offense at this and promptly caught two dang slimy gafftop. Things cooled then while I let baitfish strip shrimp off my hook. Next I noticed UncleD heading back toward the boat and thought I'd move in closer to shore. I was enjoying that mirage drive and playing with it as much as anything when I tossed a shrimp toward the grass in two feet of water.

Yes, that cork went under hard and when I set the hook things got fun. The drag was set pretty loose and made that nice sound. I figured I had a really big trout as it headed for deeper water. Two or three minutes later I had the kayak turned in pursuit and decided I had a big old bull red. The thing stripped off about half my line with me in tow and peddling along in chase at times. I had a 15 lb. leader and 10 lb. test on a light spinning rod so I kept the drag light. Several minutes later I looked at my watch and thought "this is no red".

Well, I was too dumb to know I'd hooked a Jack, as I'd never had the pleasure before :lol: My God the stories on those stubborn dang things are no exaggerations. Since I didn't know what it was I was determined to see it so I kept the drag light and struggled with that thing for and hour and fifteen minutes! In the end I got it up to the yak and didn't even recognize it as a Jack as I'd not seen one before. It ran off again of course and some passing boat asked me what I had. When I described it, they of course said it was a Jack and I immediately realized that was it. The struggle went on and I decided I had to count coup before breaking it off. Finally I got it up to the boat, leaned over, and grabbed it by the tail. Given my often mentioned massive upper body strength, I held on to it for maybe half a second before it pulled loose :lol: Having counted coup I worked back to yak, grabbed the cork and broke it off at the hook. I don't know which one of us was more glad of being shed of the other. There's more to the story for a later time. Something to do with looking up after breaking off that Jack and wondering where the heck I was!

Caught he first Jack the first time in a Yak Dougster

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Re: 2013 Texas Builder's Meet August 23-25 @ POC

Post by tech_support » Mon Aug 26, 2013 10:50 am

good story :D

I thought it was going to end with another bloody finger (jacks have a sharp edge on the side of their tails) :!: Great fighting fish.

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Mad Dog
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Re: 2013 Texas Builder's Meet August 23-25 @ POC

Post by Mad Dog » Tue Aug 27, 2013 12:20 am

Had a great time with Dougster and UncleD on Saturday. We all agreed that the Inn at Clark's is an ideal location for these meets. First is the price is right. You get a clean, comfortable double room, boat slip, covered parking, tackle storage, and launch ramp. The harbor right on the ICW so it is well protected and super convenient. On Saturday we pulled away from the slip and within 5 minutes were at our selected honey hole. Dump the kayaks and see you later. POC is just so convenient with all manner of fishing just a few minutes away. Of course the fellowship was excellent. I picked up a new quote from Dougster, "never let the truth stand in the way of a good story." Now he really did spend an hour and half chasing down a jack crevelle, we watched a school of them busting baits in the bay most of the morning. But, you needed to be there to catch Dougsters embellishments. Those were priceless.

Now for next year. Having a quorum on hand we held a planning meeting for the 2014 Texas Builder's Meet. Yes there were some beers being consumed but our judgement was not impaired. We decided unanimously to hold the next meet the third weekend in July, pending confirmation that it does not conflict with a big tournament that weekend. So, there should be several new builds splashed by then (Doug, Don, Mike, Cannon, Shamrock...). Go ahead and put it on your calendars. We also decided POC is just the best place we know of for now. See you there!!

Oh, and for those of you who are so much into fishing I have to let you know that SWMBO found a nice little shop to get herself a pedicure and Mrs. Dougster tracked down a birding trail or two to spend her day.

MD :wink:

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Re: 2013 Texas Builder's Meet August 23-25 @ POC

Post by AdamG » Wed Aug 28, 2013 5:59 pm

Sad I could not make it, but it was all for the best, most likely. I took my boat out sunday for a little fishing and blew out a trailer tire on the interstate. I did catch a 22 inch striper on conroe.

POC is a nice place. My uncle has a place there I can stay at, and for salt it is centrally located, with respectable fishing. The only alternative would be to go freshwater one year and meet at canyon lake or something like that, but I am good with POC for 2014, and earlier in the summer is a MUCH better idea. Cane season peaks in late august, after all.
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t-dog 21
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Re: 2013 Texas Builder's Meet August 23-25 @ POC

Post by t-dog 21 » Thu Jul 24, 2014 11:40 pm

The Pennell clan will be leaving from Colorado bright and early tomorrow morning for the long drive south. We plan on driving over to POC on Saturday morning with the Poppin' Cork (G.F. 18) and we are going to bring some wild game to dinner Saturday night. Our contributions will include Homemade Whitetail brats as well as some deer steak, all of which is from a good ole Texas Deer that was harvested with a bow. It is get togethers like this that make me value friends, family, and our great country.

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