FS14 March 2016

Post your launchings, and post-launch adventures here. Please keep the to plan/date format.
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Re: FS14 March 2016

Post by TomW1 » Tue Mar 22, 2016 5:58 pm


Restored Mirror Dinghy, Bought OD18 built by CL, Westlawn School of Yacht Design courses. LT US Navy 1970-1978

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Re: FS14 March 2016

Post by Allafloat » Tue Mar 22, 2016 7:09 pm

Thanks everybody,

@ cape man - the wood's a mixture of sapele and, what I think - the guy who gave it to me had no idea of its origins - African mahogany. This came to me in short - the longest was 2' - lengths about 3/4" thick by about 3" width. Once split down the middle and planed the finished planking was only 8mm, and very light. I used the rebate cut from the long sapele lengths between the planks. Finish is Deks Olje - a good soaking with number 1 and then loads of coats of 2 to seal it.

I can take no credit for the finish as I didn't pick up a paint brush - oh the joys of a gifted and willing missus!

Yes, there's a hinge at the front of the console, and enough length on the cables to lay the whole unit down on the forward sole. I've stainless rowlocks to add and, while I don't expect to often be under oar, when out on the dry fly being able to scull about a bit is a major bonus. It also meant I could use the storage under the seat without having to make removable lids. Works well enough, and is watertight.

Sceach is the generic name for 'thorn' in Irish. I built our barge 'Hawthorn' in England, so building its tender in Ireland meant the name appealed. Though it should have been 'Sceach Ghail', which is the correct Irish name for hawthorn. There may be the odd occasion when a child will be dragged behind on a donut - so your definition is also apt!

@ Walkers run - yep, worked my guts out to get it done in the time. Though I lost a lot of hours messing about having to convert the tiller controlled engine to console, and in getting the right cables, and helm, and then putting it all together. That was probably the most trying issue of the whole build, and the one I learned the most from: next time I'll start with an engine designed for remote use...

@ fuzz - I've been waiting for some sunshine to take a few proper photos. I'll post them as soon as I take them but, and everybody knows how famous Irish weather is, that might be a few days!

Thanks again.

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Re: FS14 March 2016

Post by abahambi » Wed Mar 30, 2016 9:11 pm

Damn fine job!
I really like the way you've managed to use the short lengths to best advantage on the deck... sorta floor-board pattern. Looks very attractive indeed.
Like it!

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Re: FS14 March 2016

Post by blcapt » Fri May 19, 2017 7:13 pm


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