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Re: Minimax Hydro S&G

Post by Fred in Wisc » Mon Jul 31, 2017 10:45 am

That RB12 is a handsome boat, but past experience indicates I'd take way to long to build it. I'm thinking kinda quick and dirty on this ne, something simple. And reminding myself that no matter how long I fool around with fairing and paint, there's a limit to my abilities with those materials.

Something a little bigger would be nice, fit an adult and a kid, but scaling up a little really increases the amount of material used and I'm concerned that having a bunch of seams will make the panels bend unevenly. that the stuff I'd rather let Jacques think through when he draws the plans- I have to say that he does an exceptional job of proactively avoiding stuff like that in his designs. That's why a modern plan made for S&G would be real interesting.

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