Shorter version of the Jazz 30? 25 ft, perhaps?

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Shorter version of the Jazz 30? 25 ft, perhaps?

Post by Christer » Tue Jun 05, 2018 3:27 pm

I've fallen in love with the idea of having a fishing catamaran, and the Jazz 30 looks like a good platform for that.

As I live in western Norway where the weather usually is cold, wet and in a hurry, I need a pilot house. From the "Efficient cats" thread from years ago, it seemed that the consensus was that mostly any style pilot house could be built on the Jazz 30 within reason. I even made a sketch of the boat I want before I found that thread, and now it seems I can discard my sketches...

Anyway, a new problem arose. My current berth at the local dock is kind of limited on space width-wise. I'm not entirely sure how wide the berths are, but I'd guess they only allow for the max trailerable width legally, 2.62m (8ft 7in). Furthermore, the max length they allow is 8m (26ft) (though my brother had a 28ft daycruiser there without anyone making a fuss). In any case, I feel that a 30x10ft boat is bending the rules quite a bit, and even if I were to get an exception from the rules, I really don't think a 10ft wide boat will physically fit in the berth.

Would it be possible to shrink the design by 4.5 ft in length and 1ft 5in in beam (i.e. 15%) without requiring a redesign of the entire boat? That would solve both problems at once, trailering and docking.

(Alternatively, could the CT22 (though not a Woods design) be extended by 3 feet in length, keeping the original beam of 8'6"?)


(And if you want to see my sketch, I can probably find a way to digitize it. I'm old-skool and like pencils and paper :))

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Re: Shorter version of the Jazz 30? 25 ft, perhaps?

Post by fallguy1000 » Wed Jun 06, 2018 10:36 pm

You need to ask Richard directly about his designs.

He would answer your email which is ...

The Jazz would not work well with a narrow beam as would few cats. Lots of reasons.

The hulls wake will crash into the other hull creating interference and drag.

The narrow beam does not allow for beam sea stability. The limits are basically the beam of the boat. This means an 8' beam is limited to about a 9' beam sea before capsize concerns.

A 9' beam sea can happen under high winds; not even storms.

It surprises me the marina doesn't want to accomodate a wider beam boat as they would be much safer vessels.

I would really avoid or challenge the marina. Norway has a long tradition of seamanship.

The Skoota 24 could probably be modified to the 10 width. It only has a single engine, but Richard told me he could tweak the design for twins rather easily.

The Skoota 24 aft cabin could be made into a nice fishing deck I'd say. The boat is much simpler than the Jazz 30 and you could build it in much less time. If you don't want it to fold; you'd need to ask Richard.

I am building the Skoota 32 demountable. We will be building beam sockets and tying the hulls together in July.
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Re: Shorter version of the Jazz 30? 25 ft, perhaps?

Post by Jaysen » Wed Jun 06, 2018 10:48 pm

The beam restriction makes sense if the marine is catering to monohulls or was constructed before cats were common.

There’s also a sentiment (unfounded these days) that monohulls are safer on blue water. I could see a misguided effort to “enforce” safety resulting in a policy that discouraged cats.

Today that wouldn’t fly. The cats have proven themselves more than capable over and over.

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Re: Shorter version of the Jazz 30? 25 ft, perhaps?

Post by Evan_Gatehouse » Wed Jul 04, 2018 10:03 pm

Ask your marina directly. Also ask about a "end tie". The last outside dock is usually not beam restricted if the dock is shaped like a "T"
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