Spars for sale

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Spars for sale

Post by jacquesmm » Fri Jun 03, 2016 1:58 pm

One of my neighbors sells two masts and sails.
Cheap but in good condition, I inspected them.
One comes from a Reynolds 21 cat. Its. 31' long and comes with the main and all the battens. There is a boom but I don't think it matches that mast. The sail is in good condition.
The diamond spreaders are there but no other standing rigging. No jib.
Price is very low:
$ 650.00 FOB someone's backyard in Vero Beach FL.

That spar may be perfect for some of Richard's boats.

The other is a mast and boom from a CAL25, 32' long with the correct boom and a main sail.
I saw 3 shrouds, it looks like the two shrouds are there and either the forestay or the backstay, I did not measure.
He wants 500.00 for that.

Either post here or email or contact SteveCampbell, he is a user on this forum.

Jacques Mertens - Designer

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