Jaysen's SB18 - A Bit More

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Re: Jaysen's SB18 - A Bit More

Post by Jaysen » Thu Aug 09, 2018 10:29 am

Took the Boss Lady out to Fort Moultrie on Sullivan's Island last night to watch the CORA race and walk the beach. It was an interesting conversation. She did raise a few points about the keel choice, powering and over all "value" compared to outright purchase.

1. With a 5' draft, is the lifting really a practical choice? My opinion is that 90% of the time we will be in deep water. For those times that we aren't we'd need to move to motor, strike sails and lift keel. maybe centerboard would be more practical to allow more sailing time. That or make it possible to lift the keel halfway. No matter what keel option, it apprears there will be a bit more motoring than I'm expecting. That brought her to...

2. Will we get enough push from the electric motor? This was less about "can it work" but between the high winds, chop/surf and the distances we would need to motor and balancing batteries/generating against keeping the boat light. I won't avoid the "it has a motor" tax so it really comes down to me not wanting anything to do with ICEs. She's not so sure. The cost is probably the same over the course of 5 years with less initial outlay for ICE. I guess I may have to concede this point. Alternative would be a small gas motor to turn a generator to power the eMotor (vs manual charging). That feels like I'm trying too hard though. Bah! This will take some brain juice.

3. This is the tough one... She apparently found a j24 somewhere. For cheap. Ignore the issues with size and such. I know "build your own" is not cheaper than buying a used laser, rs400 etc. I'm still looking at the building as part of the value (old man, no kids, no other hobby, etc). I'm just wondering if i should cave on the purchase of the "sports car" and build the vg26. I think I'm jumping the gun on the vg26, but in the end there is something to say about making that a full custom that isn't as important for a somewhat generic sport hull type boat. Hope that made sense.

Looks like I have some thinking and arguing to do.

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Re: Jaysen's SB18 - A Bit More

Post by Evan_Gatehouse » Sat Aug 11, 2018 1:16 am

1. Lifting the keel means putting up a little temporary lifting strap around the boom, with a block. Then connect that to a re-rigged mainsheet or a temporary trailer winch. It is for people putting it on a trailer, not for while you are out sailing. A centerboard would be better if you need to reduce the draft regularly.

2. Yes - 1003 small Torqueedo outboard motors will easily push it. On most sailboats high winds = better to sail with reduced sail rather than try to motor. List price $2000. Range at full throttle and 5 knots = about 3 miles. :( Even backed back off to 1/2 throttle and you might be doing 3 knots, you get 9 miles range.

Small Honda 2.3 HP = $1000. Range = as much gas as you brought...

3. J24 have horrible cockpit ergonomics but can be cheap. Why not buy it and see how much you like sailing a moderately fast boat. The SB18 is more a big dinghy that sails fast. Downwind in any breeze will be faster. Upwind, a bit slower than a J24.
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