C12 bottom sheet cover

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Re: C12 bottom sheet cover

Post by OrangeQuest » Fri May 11, 2018 7:37 pm

That "sail" was standard equipment when I use to fish the bays. That Hobie had paddle holders on both sides and I used one for my paddle and one for my umbrella. 60" and rated for 50mph winds.

Just before day light a bunch of us kayak fisherman would all be racing to get launched and to the honey holes. I could hear them laugh when I pull it out as I cleared the launch. I would quietly push the open catch and the thing would spring to life. Funny how fast the laughter fades when my boat shot across the bay. I think once I used it to keep the rain off my beer during a very bad storm that I could not paddle against. The handle fit nicely in my Scotty rod holder and it did block the wind and the rain. tossed my anchor off the bow to keep me pointed into the wind and waves but was to small to hold position. So I throw a line out, opened a beer and fished. Not much else I could do.

Like I said that Orange Quest and I had been through a lot together. Maybe I should name my FS14 something with Quest.

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