AR 15 under seat storage???

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AR 15 under seat storage???

Post by Biney777 » Thu Jan 31, 2019 2:09 am

Hi Everybody, l am planning on using the under seat space for gear storage. I have one large approx 16x24 hatch and am planning on ordering 3 more to be able to use all the under seat space between the frames.

1st question:
Is that ok to do?

2nd question:
Is there a good way to smooth/fill the inside of the lockers I am creating. I have been using quickfair and or epoxy with microballoons but both products are pretty expensive??? I know it doesn't have to be yaught smooth but I at least don't want sharp edges and ugly surfaces. My plan is to seal anything I use with epoxy then prime and paint the inside with bilge paint. Thoughts or Suggestions?

Also the seat tops are 6mil Okume I assume that when glassed and epoxied it is solid enough to sit/stand on? Without the glass it sure doesn't feel like it.

Thank You

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