Curved boat floor

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Curved boat floor

Post by Andre205th » Tue May 07, 2019 4:29 pm

Im rebuilding a Bertram 25 and I’ve raised my floor using new bulkheads. The raised floor follows the chine for the length of the boat. The new foloor will have a slight curve to it. If a straight edge is layer on the bulkhead at the stern and the other end at bow bulkhead there is a 5” or so gap under the straight edge and the center bulkhead.
I planned to put the floor together in pieces but this will leave angles between peices. If I cut out and glass all the floor pieces together before putting it in the boat, it will not bend with the curve, I don’t think. Does the underside of the marine ply need to be glassed? Does coosa need glass underneath?

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Re: Curved boat floor

Post by Fuzz » Tue May 07, 2019 5:38 pm

I have not worked with coosa but from what I have seen it needs glass on both sides. As for the marine plywood it all depends on how thick it is and how well it is supported. There are times all that is needed is epoxy coating to water proof the wood.
When talking about decks you are looking at compression loading. The glass on the bottom side has far more to do with stiffness than the glass on top does. The top glass is for core protection mostly.
Give us a little more info for better answers. Pictures are a big help also :wink:
And WELCOME. You will find a good bunch of folks here.

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