Sure is quiet around here...

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Cracker Larry
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Re: Sure is quiet around here...

Post by Cracker Larry » Wed Jan 06, 2016 4:00 pm

I'd freeze and die up there Fuzz, probably even in the summer 8O A lot of people do die down here every year from the heat. Mostly snowbirds who aren't used to it. 95 degrees and 100% humidity isn't for everyone, but I was born in it. Heck, we didn't have air conditioning in my parents home until I was 14, boats never had it, moved out a couple years later. Didn't have any then. The first 2 places Mrs' Cracker and I lived didn't have A/C either. I remember some summer nights when it was too hot to sleep inside, we'd lay in the yard in lawn chairs and turn on the sprinklers to get cool. After awhile you just learn how to be hot.

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Re: Sure is quiet around here...

Post by blueflood » Wed Jan 06, 2016 5:29 pm

Cracker Larry wrote:Heck, I was about brought up in a barn too, and a boat. And we were taught decent manners and common courtesy and respect, and please and thank you, and if you forgot those, somebody would remind you real quick :!: many times have I been palm slapped, Bolo-Bat and leather belt spanked by Dad :lol: You bet about the manners and respect to others. Good parenting (and a once-in-a-while reminder by Dad to not forget) :lol:

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