Deleting Files from Builders Gallery?

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Deleting Files from Builders Gallery?

Post by abahambi » Thu May 30, 2013 2:29 pm

What am I not seeing?
Tried creating and uploading pic's to an album for the first time. Worked nicely, but I simply cannot find any way to delete or replace the files I've uploaded. Searched the forum for this problem and have studied the galley pages / instructions as carefully as I could - Nothing! Seems once posted, always posted. Man am I glad I didn't do this little trial test with something inappropriate!

There must be a way to delete and start again... right?

PS Edit: Found something under earlier post and a reply by IIRC: "Several members have deleted their entire galleries, so BWM removed the delete option from us. He'll have to delete it for you."....

In your capable hands then BWM.

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