Next boat ramblings -long - sorry

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Next boat ramblings -long - sorry

Post by ross61 » Wed Oct 31, 2007 1:03 pm

Hi everyone,

About 3 years ago I built an FL14 and posted regularly. I still have it, in fantastic shape, great boat. This was the first boat I owned. I live 2 miles from a Lake Michigan boat ramp so I know I want to build another, larger boat. One thing I learned is that you must know how you are going to use the boat before you can make the right decision on which boat to build.

In order to help determine this, I bought a 1976 19' Sea Ray on ebay for $1500. I have used it all summer and now have some better ideas for my next boat.

I know I want an outboard. I do not like the lost space in back of my Sea Ray. Not good for Salmon trolling.

I know I want a boat in the 20-25ft range. Actually 21-23ft is probably more accurate. Like to cruise and/or fish with several people on the boat.

I am not a big time fisherman. It is something to do while I am out on the boat. The boat must be suitable for fishing, but not just fishing. My wife and I enjoy cruising with family/friends the most.

Speed - want a boat with decent speed to cover longer distances in a reasonable amount of time. Would like to go from Milwaukee to Chicago, Door County and across the lake to Michigan. Must be able to keep decent speed up (mid to high 20's) in the prevalent 1-2 ft steep chop we have around here. My Sea Ray is not able to do this without excessive pounding. When the chop picks up I usually go 12-15mph per GPS.

OK - The CS23/25 would seem to meet my needs without question. This is a huge project and is really stretching things in the way of building space, time, money, etc..

I like the OP21 and C21 but am concerned that with their relatively shallow transom angles they would not meet my requirements. I know transom angle is only one factor in a boats ability to go through a chop.

Would like to get some input on the suitability of these two boats or any others that will meet my needs.

Thanks for the input.


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Post by tech_support » Wed Oct 31, 2007 1:16 pm

great post :!:

In that sort of chop (and the sort of speeds your talking about), the key is to have hull long enough to span the trough AND an entry sharp enough to cut through the chop. So you keep the bow in the water.

To do 25 mph in a 2' steep chop, you do not need a CS23-25 (but they would be VERY comfortable in those conditions). Look at the DE23/25, P21, NV23, PG25, OP21, maybe more.

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Post by jacquesmm » Wed Oct 31, 2007 1:18 pm

I am working on the Abaco 23: right size, same deadrise as the CS23 but less freeboard, no flare.
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