Completeness of Plans

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Completeness of Plans

Post by anonymous » Sun Nov 25, 2007 12:20 am

I had a professional boat designer tell me I should not get plans from your
company because they were not complete and that most of the support
came from other customers not the company. The problem is that you
have the plans I want. I am confused because the guy new he couldn't
sell his services to me. He is far too expensive.

Maybe you could tell me how it all works.

Thank You

Jack U.

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Post by gpratt » Sun Nov 25, 2007 12:37 am


The guy is talking thru his butt. The plans have everything you need and the best support you can get is from other builders that have gone thru the same process that you will be using. Jacques and Joel monitor the forums and the advice given by the other builders. If questionable advice is posted they or another builder will step up and see that you are not misinformed.

If you're going to build a boat yourself this is the best place for you to start.

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Post by ross61 » Sun Nov 25, 2007 12:41 am

Hi Jack,

This is easy. Yes, much of the support comes from customers. These are customers who have already built the boat you will be building or one very similar.

The designer will also give you advice and instructions as necessary or if no one else can answer your questions. They are always monitoring this site and if you read the forums you will see they are always available.

Many of us had absolutely no experience and have sucessfully built great boats. Don't worry about support, you will get more than you need. Jump in and have fun. I look forward to seeing your future project.


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Post by Spokaloo » Sun Nov 25, 2007 12:43 am

Jack, Ill put this in a conservative manor.

I have received more efficient and prompt service, as well as answers to extremely technical questions, far more quickly than I deserve. I have had some special circumstances, and they helped me immensely.

I can honestly say, using plans from SEVERAL designers, than this site and these plans are more thorough, and have better backing, than any other out there for the amateur builder. Even the so-called best have not had the available support these guys have.

Take my word, and the many that im sure will chime in, that you heard wrong.


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Post by steve292 » Sun Nov 25, 2007 1:06 am

The plans that you get here are easy to follow if you are prepared to study them for a day or two after you get them, no lofting to do, nesting diagrams to help get the best usage of wood, console plans ect.I don't see where the plans are incomplete. As for support, yes the other builders do help, but if you have a question that requires a level of technical knowledge beyond the forum participants or request it, you will get Jacques, Evan Gatehouse (designers) or Joel (shine) who seems to deal with Fibreglass & foam, paints & such.
I looked all over the net for a year or more before I took the plunge, & have to say I find the level of support through this site superb, with questions sometimes answered in minutes.I didn't see this anywhere else.
hope this helps,

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Re: Completeness of Plans

Post by UncleRalph » Sun Nov 25, 2007 2:07 am

Jack U wrote:I had a professional boat designer tell me I should not get plans from your
company because they were not complete and that most of the support
came from other customers not the company.
I am not sure if this is a real question or a troll....the choice of the User Name makes me wonder???

You can decide on on your own if the company provides support by reading this forum:
Jacques - 11952 posts
Evan Gatehouuse - 1577 posts
Shine - 4377 posts


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Post by JohnH » Sun Nov 25, 2007 3:54 am

Utter and absolute nonsense.

Plans are good; sometimes there is an oversight but once identified it is recitified and the message board notified.

I reckon around 70% of the builders are first timers. If the plans were not up to scratch then the business would fold.


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Post by chicagoross » Sun Nov 25, 2007 4:31 am

Right now I'm reviewing plans from 5 companies that sell on the internet. I have built with plans that include a lot less than a Bateau plan. Of the 5 companies I've studied in detail for my next build (full plans, not just study plans; I'm starting to get a huge collection of full plans...) the Bateau is by far the most complete. Location of tanks, dimensions for virtually all parts, there's really not anything close to it out there. As far as support on this forum, there's not anything that even compares. Like they say, the plans are not a boatbuilding course. But if you print out all the "how to" files on this site, and read them, you have your course. Need more? there's photos of every step of the build, probably on the boat you are looking at, right here. I'll still build from other plans if I like the design, and as I search for something more unique. But any other plan will be more time sitting in the thinking chair.

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Post by Jeffold » Sun Nov 25, 2007 5:11 am

I am going to throw my 5c worth in on this one -

Jack, the guy you have been talking to knows "jack" about Bateau, the guys who run it and the support they give.

I'm from Australia, who had not built anything of any consequence at all before, but with Bateau and the folks from here I have now successfully built 2 fantastic vessels both of which I am very proud of and whose photos grace the "Pictures" section of the vessels plans.

I would say don't listen to this guy, listen to all of us who have actually completed boats.

As I said - my 5c worth :wink: and if you do get the plans from here we will give you all the help you will ever need to get the project finished.
Jeff In Brisbane, Australia
OD18 SC16 FL26

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Post by MadRus » Sun Nov 25, 2007 7:33 am

I am not sure if this is a real question or a troll....the choice of the User Name makes me wonder???
The formatting, tone and voice seem very familiar too! :roll:

I'll say this, I've been to many other boards and have never come across a more helpful and respectful bunch of builders who are willing to share their experience and advice- in general. There's always a poison pill to be avoided. But, I think that knowledge base is indispensible to a new builder.

Jacques and co. catch a lot of heat out on the net for their designs and techniques, but I've never seen anyone out right disrespect his plans with a stated reason. It's always, "oh, he's a great businessman", or "he knows how to sell plans"- like that's a bad thing. It all smacks of jealousy to me.

A patient amateur builder will get all the help he needs from Jacques and co. But, as witnessed in recent threads, it's hard to help someone who flits from mindstorm to mindstorm.


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