Need material list

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Re: Need material list

Post by yawningbull » Sun Mar 07, 2010 6:41 pm

Thanks, starting to get a consensus, three gallons epoxy resin and light cloth on deck.

sds, I have plans for a bateau boat after this one. It will be a GF14 or Indian River 15 skiff with a jet ski engine 8O , but that is a conversation for another day. :lol:

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Re: Need material list

Post by sds » Sun Mar 07, 2010 7:05 pm

YB, I'd go straight to the GF14 and don't look back.

Scantlings are one thing. A good design is something beyond that. I'm thinking the vessel in question looks more suited to pedal power than the outboard shown. Don't want to see you end up on youtube.

Just my $0.02, and worth every penny. cheers

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Re: Need material list

Post by ks8 » Sun Mar 07, 2010 9:04 pm

It looks like a craft that is possibly quite tippy, high CG, too easy to capsize for my liking, because of it being a powerboat. Means you might dunk the engine in the drink. It certainly is a sort of *concept craft*, a step above the planing inverted kitchen table. If I went the way of concept craft, it would probably be a flying hovercraft ultralight. :P I am not against the ol Pop Mech and Pop Sci projects (I miss the wordless workshop). That's where the BD-5 was first popularly publicized, an innovation mindset which ultimately developed further, with the mind of Burt Rutan, into ... hmmm... this.

I also like some of the old, small, three point hydroplanes (for when I'm not sailing), for a whole different sort of fun. :wink: (No I haven't built one, but been looking at some old plans). ( :help: :lol: 8) )

But in the past J, has voiced a reluctance to adapt that sort of craft to S&G, in so many words. Partly because of safety... partly because of..... ..... ........ ugly.

If you go ahead with this project, hoping you'll glean all the wisdom you need for it, from wherever you need to reasonably find it, and enjoy some safe boating. I like sds' suggestion. GF14, and don't look back. :)

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