XF20 & XF22 Materials

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XF20 & XF22 Materials

Post by Capt GatorD » Mon Sep 02, 2019 7:22 pm

In the process of budgeting (should say "Guesstimate") the cost of building a XF22. I will have a 7' bow casting deck and 5' stern deck, center console and raised sole. I will be laying two layers of 1708 on the hull. The boats will be used primarily in the rivers and lakes of central Mississippi for running trotlines, fishing for large flatheads, and Crappie fishing. I plan on taking in back home to NW Florida several times a year to gig flounder. I will fabricate a stand and install a Fan motor so I don't have to pole the beast. The reason I am building the 22 is it's ability to accommodate my grown sons and grandchildren while fishing.

I know that the few that are building the XF22 are not active on the forums so, this is for the guys that have built a XF20:

1. How much Fairing Compound did you use ?

2. How much Resin?

3. Types and amounts of Fillers/Additives?

4. Primer and Paint quantities?

5. Which Jack Plate did you use, brand and size? (I will use either a 115 or 90 hp Merc)
5.a. Will I need a nose cone or anything extra for the engine to ensure max water pressure?

6. Cable or Hydraulic Steering?

7. How much Flotation Foam?

8. How much Graphite?

9. What was an unforeseen expenditure you didn't budget for?

10. Now that you have completed and used your boat, what do you wish you had added OR had done differently?

11. What about the design do you wish was different i.e., beam width, bow width, LOA ?

12. Trolling motor shaft length and Pounds of thrust? I'm currently learning towards the new Lowrance Ghost. Just need to decide if I want to run it in the 24 or 36 volt.

13. BS I didn't ask above ?

I'm going to post this in "Power Boats" as well in hopes I reach everyone that has built these boats.

Lastly, prayers for protecting from Hurricane Dorian being sent for all of you guys on the East Coast.

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