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Re: new boat plans

Posted: Sun Mar 19, 2006 6:16 pm
by tech_support
gcredle wrote:I would be very interested in a flats/bayboat that is a marriage of your Carolina Sportfish design and your Phantom line up. I live and fish in Eastern NC in the Pamlico Sound and its tributaries for trout, drum, tarpon, etc and while I woule love to build a phantom for shallow water use, I do not feel that I would be comfortable crossing the rough bodies of water that I must cross with that but--a larger boat with a big bow is more favorable--but once I get to where the fish are---a big boat is a pain and is not the best tool. I am thinking of a carolina styled flats/bay boat in the 18-20ft range with a low deadrise aft section and a sharp fore entry and flared bow and dropped shearline along the lines of the bayshore boats built in wilmington w/o the heart stopping price tag. I have spent the past couple of days trying to figure out if I could modify the phantom to fit my idea in stitch and glue. Just an idea of what I am looking for.
Maybe you need more of a bay boat type hull. more dead through the entire hull and a fine entry with some flair. Is the "carolina" look super important to you? My phantom will float VERY shallow, I was drifting over a sand bar in 5" last night and didnt have to get out to push - but coming home in a 20 mph wind and true 2' chop..... well it was wet and rough.

Growing up with the same sort of waters you are talking about (sounds and tidal rivers) I would not pick a flats boat as my primary fishing boat. You really don’t need the super shallow draft, so you can trade that for a better ride in chop.

Look at the OB17. you could add casting decks - just a thought

Posted: Sat Apr 01, 2006 9:13 pm
by anonymous
For my next boat I'd like something like the OB19 but scaled up about 10%. It would still be more economical to build and operate than the C21 or a scaled down CS23 but also would be very versatile. You could fish fairly shallow and still go offshore on nice days. It would be good for snorkeling, diving, and waterskiing. The scaled up version would have the extra room being about 8' wide instead of 7'4" and about 21' long. I love the style and it would be alot easier to build but I wouldn't think of scaling it up myself.


Posted: Fri May 05, 2006 10:32 pm
by anonymous

Here is a link to a Carsten's duck boat that would appeal to many duck hunters. Very shallow V with pointy nose for rough waves and a large capacity. Around 12' so it's small and light enough to go in the back of a pickup and not require a trailer. Would move pretty good with a 9 horse as rated, but would be okay with around a 4 to 5 horse. Many duck hunters use an old 4 hp Johnson weedless outboard design so that's a motor to keep in mind. The prop on these is tilted about 30 degrees to the horizontal and pitched like a screw thread to go through crap and not get hung up. It's a poorman's GoDevil since you can pick them up for about $300 on Ebay.

Heres a link to a very old plywood on frame plan in a similar style.

These boats would fill a nice spot in your current line up. Many hunters have to traverse big water to get to some shallow areas and need to haul two guys, dog and gear in rough weather, but still don't want to have to trailer a dedicated duck boat to do it. You can hang this from the garage ceiling in the offseason and not take up garage floor area.

I built a Gator boats DragonFly, but it's too heavy for the size and the design is not good for rough water. I'd build a boat of the above design. And I am still considereing building the one in the old plan, but a stich and glue design would be lighter/stonger.

Here is a link to the boat I built. It will do for awhile, but I would build another if the design was better for my purposes. ... .php?t=587

changes XF-20 or GF-18 or GF-16

Posted: Mon May 08, 2006 12:12 am
I have been reading these message pages for a while and find them very interesting and informative. But, this is the 1st time I have written any thing so here goes.
I have a pretty firm idea of the type and use of the boat I want so I will try to describe
- type Jon boat very stable underway and at rest
- LOA 16-18 ft ( 18 ft MAX )
- Tunnel Hull - tunnel same as that in your XF-20
-Bottom Width - widest possible to compliment the shallowest draft
possible and the best wetted surface for peformance
on plane
-Beam - to compliment bottom width & design
- Side Depth - 20 inches or less (I'm guessing about the same as the
- Weight - as light as possible w/o compromising hull strength and
- Transom - suitable to carry Jack Plate with 6 inch offset from transom
and 6 inch height of rise with MAX 25 hp tiller steer
- Outboard - tiller steer MAX 25 hp but I would like to use 15 hp
or 20 hp and be able to plane w/ 3 persons
on board I will be using 4 blade double
cupped prop which seems to greatly
increase performance w/tunnel & jack
plate I suspect this maybe wishing
for pie in the sky
- Front Casting patform/deck able to accept bow mount trolling motor
- Interior layout exactly the same as the Yellow XF-20 in your photos
open under the seats, cooler inserted in center seat, etc
- Use - fishing on inshore protected waters around mangrove islands &
oyster bars VERY SHALLOW
- Water - protected inshore shallows and fresh water lakes
Ideally I guess I am looking for your XF-20 scaled down in all dimensions to a 16 footer. But, I do not know if you have such a scaling down of your plans or if you can do so. I know it sounds like I should just build the XF-20, but I have fished with Capt Henderson in his 20ft micro-draft boat. I find it to be just too big. I currently have an AL Jon boat 18ft w/6ft bottom width, it too is just too big and heavy 750lb hull
weight w/o my 40hp outboard. I really want something smaller and lighter, that will be more maneuveralbe in the mangroves, plane with less hp and be more responsive to bow mount trolling motor.
Short of the XF-20 I have looked at your GF-18 + 16. I don't know the bottom width dimension for either. I guess I might be able to come close by using the 2ft scale on the screen. I have read in these messages that you can add a tunnel to plans for either. Would the added tunnel be the same design as that in the XF-20? What is the bottom width and the side heights for the GF-18+16?? Looking at the spec's I am a bit confussed by the differential in listed weight between the GF-18 @ 475lb and the GF-16 @ 165lb why is there such a large differential??
I need guidance. Which of your designs would best satisfy my criteria - Jon boat; very shallow running and floating; very stable;
tunnel hull; able to plane with low 15-25 hp; 16-18ft MAX LOA

Posted: Mon May 08, 2006 1:26 am
by timoub007

J may reply or may not as he is not too fond of a tunnel on a narrow boat. I had the same requirements as you and years of experience in my aluminum 16x48 tunnel. I am nearly finished with my GF-16T and should get it wet within the next week. My build can be seen at the link in my signiture.

Reply to my thread or email with questions.


Posted: Mon May 08, 2006 10:02 am
by jacquesmm
That describes the GF18 with a tunnel.
We will, on request, send the XF20 drawings with the GF18 plans.
I am not in favor of that modification because it represents a lot of troubles to reduce the draft of a boat that draws only 5" as designed.


Posted: Mon May 08, 2006 4:53 pm
wish to thank both of you Timoub007 & jacquesmm for such speedy reply and for sharing your information
this message board is a great resource and a lot of fun

Posted: Tue May 09, 2006 10:22 am
by jacquesmm
I ddi not respond to the duck boat link but I'm looking at it.
More duck boats are on the list.

New boat design?

Posted: Mon May 22, 2006 12:53 pm
by anonymous
I would like to see a boat along the lines of the V-12 only lengthened to 16ft. Keep the beam the same. Must row easily but be able to take a SMALL outboard. (3.5 to 6 hp.) Keep a center seat for the single rower but add a rear and forward seat also. A nice riding, slow, seaworthy little boat for fishing quiet bays... My $0.02 worth.

Posted: Mon May 22, 2006 2:07 pm
by anonymous
How about a RIB (24 foot or so)

You could develop the plans for the hull, and then arrange for the tube set to manugactured by an outside supplier and only available through you. When the customer pays, it would be direct ship from the supplier.

That could be the business model.

As for the need I would like a boat well suited for towing (tow boat not a tug) and high capacity. New boats are 50-100k and require many years of service to provide a return. This same boat could appeal to divers, SOLAS, and sportfishers.